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Free SMS Alerts for booking enquiries

Free SMS alerts (text messages) of email booking enquiries from your Guide to Ireland listing can be sent to your mobile phone free of charge.

1. Do I have to have SMS alerts?

No, this is an optional service, you decide whether or not you wish to set it up and activate it.

2. How do I set up SMS alerts?

When you add your accommodation you can enter the number of the mobile phone which you want your SMS alerts sent to.

3. Can I decide to stop SMS alerts or change my mobile number?

Yes, you can stop receiving SMS alerts by sending us an email asking to deactivate the free SMS alert service. You can still leave your mobile phone number on your listing for our customers to contact you.

4. How much will it cost?

The SMS alerts are free, but only available for premium listings. We reserve the right to withdraw the service without notice, or charge for it in the future.

5. What name is displayed as the sender of the SMS alert?

SMS alerts will display 'G.T.I.' (Guide To Ireland) as the sender.

6. What does the SMS alert message look like?

The SMS alert is a text message saying : You have received a booking enquiry. Please read your email for more details.

7. What countries are covered?

We can send SMS alerts to mobiles being used in almost any country.

8. Can you guarantee that the SMS alert will reach me?

Although we will make every effort to ensure that the SMS alerts are sent out reliably, we cannot guarantee that you will receive them. The service depends on the service providers in the countries covered by the SMS alerts, and we cannot guarantee continuous service in all of them.

9. Will I continue to receive booking enquiries by email, phone and fax?

Yes, email booking enquiries continue to be sent to you by email, telephone and fax.

10. Why are you setting up SMS alerts?

There are two main reasons. Firstly we know that our visitors like replies to their email enquiries as soon as possible, and this service will enable our advertisers, who may not have constant access to their emails, to respond immediately to email booking enquiries.

Secondly, on the pretext of protecting their customers from receiving spam, some internet service providers block emails without the sender or the recipient knowing about it. By give our advertisers the option of receiving SMS alerts, we make sure they can receive all the email enquiries sent to them. When you do receive a SMS alert but no email enquiry please inform us by email.

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