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Discover the Emerald Isle the Green Way

Now that air travel is the fastest-growing contributor to carbon dioxide emissions, more and more people are considering green alternatives to travel. While this can mean travelling shorter distances and considering holiday destinations closer to home, there are still alternatives that allow for international travel with a low carbon footprint.

For example, if you are travelling to Dublin from the UK, packages such as Sailrail offer a cheap alternative to Ryanair and Easyjet flights. Sailrail includes the rail ticket from your home in Britain to the ferry port, including the underground transport in London, and the price of the ferry boats across the Irish Sea.


On average, Sailrail tickets cost £30 for a one-way and £60 for a return. Considering that you cannot always catch a special on Ryanair, nor can you get around the taxes, fees, and baggage charges they are now slapping us all with, Sailrail seems pretty appealing.

If you are not interested in taking the train, an even cheaper option could be to take a coach to the coast, which could potentially cost you a couple of quid, and buy the ferry ticket there. National Express has a set number of seats on each of their coaches that go for a pound, and a coach has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than a plane.


There are many other options beyond these two obvious choices discussed on numerous blogs, websites and books dedicated to green travel. To name but a few:

For many people finding information about green travel options can be like attempting to speak French without any prior instruction. Hopefully, after reading the information on these sites, green alternatives to travel won't seem like French. In fact, if you wanted to travel to learn the French language, French language courses in France would now be available to you with a lowered environmental cost.

So, whether you want to leave the Emerald Isle as green as you left it or jump on the Eurostar and head to a French language school France and Ireland are both available to you with less guilt.

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